Welcome to Abovo Golf

This is where we fit your clubs to YOUR swing......

and before you ask......

1) YES you ARE good enough for custom fitting.....

2) NO it doesn't cost a fortune - have a look at the prices

3) Average improvement is 20% whether 2 or 28 handicap!!!!

Seriously though - when you hire a car what's one of the first things you do when you get in....adjust the seat and mirrors to your requirements - you could probably drive it as it is but not as well as you can once you've set everything to your liking (including the radio station!).

The same applies to golf clubs - unless you are 5ft 10 with average build it's very unlikely a set of clubs from the shop will be perfect for you - they are all mass manufactured and assembled so they have to have some sort of standard size.

If you're a lady looking for clubs - do you really think ALL ladies swing the same? So why is it when you go to a golf shop there is only L flex shafts available??

So come on - STOP MAKING A HARD GAME EVEN HARDER - come and see a specialist who won't charge you the earth but will at least ensure that the ONLY reason you hit a bad shot is because YOU hit it not your clubs!!!