What do we do?

Health Check

This looks at your current set and checks the following

Lofts - ensures consistent loft progression through the set (yes they do move when you bash them on driving range mats)

Lies - check consistently changes through the set - very important to ensure you hit the ball straight!!!

Grips - when was the last time you cleaned or changed these? We will give them a good scrub and check for wear - we know a few tips to make them last a bit longer if necessary

Grip size - check consitency through set - too thin or too thick can seriously affect your wrist postions during your swing

Shaft length - you'd be amazed how many sets are made to incorrect length progressions - we'll measure them all for you and advise whether to lengthen or shorten anything

Swing weight - check the swingweight of all the clubs - this is a large component of the 'feel' of the club

Shaft flex - are you really playing with a regular flex driver - just because that's what it says on the label - there are NO standards in golf so one regular flex is another stiff flex....annoying isn't it! We'll measure the TRUE flex of your clubs

All this will result in a report with all the vitals of your set and any recommendations for change. A useful record for insurance purposes and also for getting a club repaired when you snap it against that tree/bag/playing partner!

Custom Fit

If you're looking for a change - new irons, driver, putter, wedges etc then whether with us or someone else PLEASE get fitted first....believe it or not there are many things that can be changed about a single club that ALL need to be fitted for YOU (not Mr/Ms Average)....

A Custom Fit session will cover


Try various lofted heads

Try various shafts combined with the lofted heads to obtain YOUR optimum launch angle

Look at your angle of attack to the ball and its position relative to your set up

Grip size/type options


Look at your set up and putting stroke

Fit the correct length shaft

Fit the correct lie for your setup and stroke - yes it really does matter

Try different shaped heads


Look at what clubs you use for your short game and discuss the type of shots you play with each club

Adjust the lie if necessary of the wedges - Justin has his lob wedge 2 degrees flatter than the rest of his set as he drops his hands for his chip shots...!

Look at grip options


Yes it can make that much difference - You might have been custom fit for clubs that help reduce the amount of spin you put on the ball only to then go and play with a high spinning ball!!! Kind of defeats the object....

The fittings are done using a Vector Pro launch monitor.


You name it we do it! and do it properly!

Unfortunately its not too difficult to put a new shaft into a club and therefore many places offer this service - however how many of them check your set make up first to ensure the repaired club fits back into the set without being longer/shorter, heavier/lighter, thicker/thinner grip, or even a different flex?

Unfortunately for you the only way you'll find out is once you go and play with it! Don't risk it! Take it to a competent club maker who will ensure you get what you need....and probably no more expensive either!